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    We can help solve your storage solutions with Cisco UCS servers and EMC Storage Area Networks. We build fast, scalable solutions built for businesses today and for tomorrow.

Cisco Has Quickly Become the Leader in Servers

In fact, Cisco’s blade servers outsell any other vendor in the world. Cisco entered the server market over 5 years ago and are now on their fourth generation server platform. Cisco dominates the market not only because of their huge market presence, but also because they invest so heavily in their technology solutions. They invest nearly 10 billion in Research and Development, which is 4 times more than their closest rival. That makes Cisco solutions stand heads above anyone on the planet.

Cisco servers integrate tightly with (but are not required) the UCS Manager platform which delivers 10gb networking and better server manageability through a single pane of glass. The C240-M3 supports up to 768gb of memory with all standard hba’s (10g, fiber channel, unified fabric).

C220-M3 (datasheet)

C240-M3 (datasheet)

Intel Chips are Faster, Cooler and Require Less Power

With the release of the new E5-2600 Series of processors even greater server density can be achieved with less power consumption. These processors support up to 8 cores, 8GT/s and memory speeds up to 1600mhz. Intel claims up to an 80% performance increase over previous 5600 series generation with a 50% power savings.

EMC Storage is Purpose Built for Reliability and Redundancy

When we consider storage solutions we look at the flexibility of the solution and its reliability and built in redundancy.  EMC VNX series of SANs have all of the features you need.  They have on board fast cache to speed up the entire array.  They carry on board dual controllers and dual power.  They even have a small ups built in just in case an outage takes down the SAN.  This gives it just enough time to commit changes to disk and save them before shut down occurs.  This protects your data from corruption.

The EMC box is scalable and as you grow it can grow with you.  It only gets faster as you add more disks to the array.  Need more speed?  Consider adding some solid state drives, because you can mix and match different drives in this powerful SAN.  Having a few Solid State drives, push IOP’s of the whole array through the roof, even if you employ lower speed and lower cost 10,000-15000 rpm drives for the majority of the arraay.