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  • Infrastructure Design
    We are datacenter experts. We know how to create a powerful, redundant and fully integrated infrastructure from SAN to Switching and Servers to Software. You can utilize our A-Team to build the best infrastructure for your business.

Cloud Grid’s network engineers have experience with the best of breed technologies including EMC, VMware, Microsoft, Veeam, Cisco (Voice, Servers, Switching, & Security) and Citrix.  Few companies have the expertise on staff to be able to combine all of these technologies into a solution for their company.  Businesses can leverage our engineering staff who are experienced building our own infrastructure and the infrastructure for our other clients.  Using our services will allow you to accomplish more, integrate better, and achieve your goals faster.

Building A Datacenter 

Datacenter technology is different from the local LAN technology that most IT people are familiar with.  There are many ways to build a WAN enabled network, but not all methods are great.  We have the experience to help you design a quality network.  We can steer you clear of common pitfalls and mistakes that can cost you time and money.

Build Powerful Storage

We love EMC for its storage solutions.  Although we can work with most major storage providers including NetApp, HP Lefthand, Dell Equalogic and more, we have selected EMC as our top storage provider for our own datacenter and for our clients.  The EMC solution is a purpose built SAN with redundancy at almost every angle.  It is flexible and allows you to grow as your needs grow.  You can assign specific disk sets to specific tasks, such as solid state drive arrays to SQL or Desktop as a Service solutions.  And you can put in high capacity drives for Archive or low level storage tasks (such as electronic discovery).

Secure your Infrastructure

Cisco security allows you to protect your network at the edge, but also can be used to provide failover and failback services if you maintain multiple internet connections or if you are concerned about a failure of a firewall.  Cisco also offers several Next Generation services such as Firepower and Intrusion Detection.  Also, it has Malware Detection and Prevention which is connected to the Cisco TALOS system which identifies threats worldwide and can stop most attacks before they happen.

Use Datacenter Switching

Cisco has been the leader of switching technology for many years.  They have raised the bar yet again with their Nexus line of switches.  Nexus is not a typical switch.  Each port has the ability to provide powerful connectivity at full switch speeds.  So, if you are pushing 10 Gig on every port, you get 10 Gig.  You get top level Layer 3 switching and granular control over your network traffic and VLans.  Cisco stepped up the competition with the Virtual Nexus switch, which is a fantastic solution that can help lower costs, leverage virtual infrastructure and provide easy switch deployments without the need for hardware.

Choose Quality Connectivity

Cloud Grid focuses on the connectivity and redundant connectivity to your main offices.  We use specific technologies to allow failover in case the initial connection goes down.  We can resell nearly all carrier services to our clients.  We are also a carrier ourselves and we can control the level of service through our own datacenter offerings.

Build a Hybrid Solution

You need to be flexible to grow when you need to grow and sometimes you need to scale up quickly in order to take advantage of opportunities in business.  Utilizing a mixture of on premise solutions and off-premise available space and resources allow you to have the best of both worlds.  Not only will you enjoy the control of building your own system and housing it in your datacenter, you will be able to utilize resources that can provide Disaster Recovery, Test and Development, Emergency space for growth and more.  Having the ability to take the cloud and use it when you need it is an immense help for IT professionals.