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    We make collaboration easy and inexpensive with hosted Exchange 2015 and Cisco collaboration solutions.

Cloud Grid leverages the combined power of Microsoft Exchange 2013 and Cisco Collaboration

Cloud Grid thinks of itself as Collaboration Experts first.  This means, we focus heavily on the synergy between Data Networks and Voice/Video solutions.  We learned early on that very few integration companies or cloud companies focus on this important technology.  We look for Best of Breed solutions.  So we start with Microsoft Office and Exchange 2013.  Our hosted email solution gives our clients the ability to have more control over their data.  It isn’t residing in some “public” cloud with wide open access to everyone.  We build our email solution differnetly.  We focus on layer 2 technologies that allow us to deliver email in a more secure, more reliable and faster way.  Customers can still benefit from the low cost of hosting, but they don’t experience the 5-30 minute lag between email delivery and receipt of mail that often go unquestioned by people selling “public cloud email solutions.”  Essentially our clients are on-net, as if our email server was literally sitting in your office.  As large email attachments, scanned files and more get transferred via email, this speed is critical to performing at your best.


Hosted Exchange

Get the most out of Outlook® and your mobile, with Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013. For just $6.00/mailbox/month, you can enjoy the gold standard in business email up to 10 Gig of mail and emails up to 30 mb in size.  Spam filtering security is included.  Larger mailboxes are available upon request or as needs change.


Dedicated Exchange

Get all the power, flexibility, and scalability of a dedicated server while leaving support of the infrastructure to our dedicated Microsoft support team.  This server can integrate directly with your line of business applications including document management solutions, billing apps and more.

We extend the power of the data network with a fully integrated Cisco Collaboration suite.

Plug our IP phones into your infrastructure and instantly enable voice services, fax services with email integration.  Voicemail goes to email as a file attachment.  Other features include conferencing (ad hoc and meetme conferencing), single number reach (call your cell if you don’t pick up the office line), call forwarding, message or music on hold, receptionist attendant console, and more.

With a dedicated phone switch we can manage your whole call manager system for you and host it in our secure datacenter.  You also gain additional features such as enabling Jabber endpoint connectivity (giving full call control and presence to smart phones), and video capability.  Also you get Click to Dial and other base features.


Standard Phone Service

Easily turn up or down phone service with this flexible plan.  Get the best call quality around and you don’t need to pay for a T1 or deal with any of the headaches of running your own phone system.  Let us customize a system for you.


Dedicated Cisco Call Manager

Do you want all the available features that Cisco offers such as Jabber, integrated video endpoints and more?  We can help design, and install this service for you at your own office or in our own datacenter.