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  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
    Our DRAAS solution is easy to use and provides the ability to Fail Over easily and just as easily Fail Back to on-premise resources.

Disaster Recovery has never been easier, more reliable or cost effective

Cloud Grid Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides business with a variety of cost-effective ways to replicate
(and recover) critical servers and data center infrastructure to our Coresite Hosted (NYSE: COR) cloud environment.  Just as important as Failing Over to the datacenter, our solution makes it simple to Fail Back once the emergency is over.  This makes it a perfect complement to Hurricane Preparedness Planning.

You have total control over your DR Infrastructure

Make no mistake, Cloud Grid’s DR software is the best of breed. IT people from your company can easily fail over and fail back through our powerful portal.  If you don’t have access to your main network, no problem.  With a web browser you can turn on your DR site, partially or fully as you need to add service. We can schedule Recovery Points every 15 minutes if you wish. Since the recovery happens at a block level, after the initial pass, the only changes that happen across the wire are low bandwidth changes.  DRaas can be a fantastic complement to your normal backup and offsite backup solutions.  However, you don’t need to wait for a restore to turn these Virtual Machines on.  They are fully launchable server instances and you can turn them on when you need them.


DRaaS Features

  • Flexible DR options allow you to replicate your servers easily into our datacenter for a low monthly cost.
  • Recovery to our state of the art datacenter includes the use of our Cisco Servers, EMC storage and our high speed Cisco Security and Switching infrastructure.
  • Protect your application integrity, allowing you to do point in time recovery for Billing Apps, MS Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint and more.
  • Continuously updated replica of each of your servers.
  • Simple recovery of your servers for DR testing or for true disaster.

Multiple Replication Options

Cloud Grid’s Disaster Recovery as a Service offers multiple replication options, each leveraging your existing infrastructure investment while providing fully-managed and hosted recovery of your environment when a disaster occurs:

  • We can set up replication to multiple sites and datacenters from
    a single management console.
  • Our service works where you are, and when you need it.
Don’t be limited by your backup technology.  Backup software is not built for the cloud and not built to be a true DR solution.  Backup software often takes hours to turn up a vm and does not have a way to Fail Back to the original site.  This requires ongoing downtime or slow performance.  Our DR service gives you the ability to quickly recover your key servers and applications and getting back in business is what really counts—because every minute you’re down, you’re losing business. That’s why so many businesses trust Cloud Grid for comprehensive disaster recovery and business
continuity solutions.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Cloud Grid's Disaster Recovery as a Service solution is a low-cost way for companies to protect your technology investment and provide the uptime you need even during outages caused by natural disasters such as Hurricanes, Snowstorms, and Floods. Our DRAAS solution is rock solid and is easy to use. It allows IT to fail over and fail back to the live production system at a moment's notice.