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Disaster Recovery Solution

10 things you need to know about Disaster Recovery

DR is not the same as Backup Backup is a point in time snapshot of a system with the operating system, all the applications, and files stored as they were at the time of the backup.  Backups have come a long way in the last several years.  Certainly they have added dedupe capabilities
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Disaster Recovery For Every Business – Video

In this video I will demo the low cost, flexible, and easy to use disaster recovery solution that would help protect every business, big or small.  Also, we will discuss disaster causing events and some of the limitations of older DR solutions.
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Disaster Planning

Is Disaster Planning Only for IT?

There is a huge misconception about DR and that it is only an IT function.  Yes, many of the pieces of Disaster Recovery planning involve IT.  I get that.  However many pieces involve upper level management, HR and more.  It is essential to build a comprehensive plan rather than just
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Disaster Recovery

Test your Disaster Recovery Plan before it is too late.

Disaster recovery is one of those buzz words that get thrown about and not everyone is necessarily using it right.  There is often a misconception that Backup = Disaster Recovery, for example.  Backup is not DR.  Although backup is important, Disaster Recovery today is much more avail
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