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  • Backup and Replication
    Cloud Grid builds a state of the art backup and replication system for our clients. Our solution allows you to cut backup times, and gives you restore capabilities at a vm level and at a block level.

Veeam Backup Replication

Veeam has quickly become the standard for backup up for VMware virtual environments. It requires no agents and does not have the failure problems that traditional backups have since it is backing the entire virtual machine up at the VMware level. It is fast and it is designed to be a backup to disk solution.

Veeam can provide excellent data protection of your virtual environment allowing you to restore any of the following from the same backup.

  • Complete virtual machine
  • Specific virtual machine files
  • Windows files on virtual machine
  • Exchange items (i.e. messages, contacts, calendar items)
  • Active Directory objects



We also build custom appliances for Veeam. They range in size from 24tb to 48tb with 10gb option. These appliances are built specifically to support fast backup and restore services as well as Veeam VPower for complete storage protection (i.e. SAN/NAS/DAS).protection (i.e. SAN/NAS/DAS).