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Cisco’s Unbelievable Video Endpoints are changing Telecom

Video is going to replace voice in the very near future. The Voice-Only phone systems will soon become a paperweight, gone the way Blackberry nearly disappeared when touch screen phones like the iPhone and Android came on the market.

Cisco jumped on the video trend several years ago and has a huge portfolio of IP video phones. They extended the ability to use their endpoints by leveraging Video conferencing technology and combining that with their mobile phone app named Jabber. You can speak directly to another employee anywhere using your desk phone and their mobile phone.

For clients, Jabber has a web app that allows customers to interface with you using video directly, right off of your website. Of course standard video conferencing to your desktop phone can work with nearly any video conferencing system in the world.

Cisco’s bridging solutions and federation capability allow you to connect two or more Cisco systems to make video calls easily between sites and customer locations.

There are several handsets to look at but if you look at the 8865 phone and the more cost conscious 8945 you will see that you have all the typical phone options, plus high quality video from a single unit.

If you want to step up to high-definition voice and video, the Cisco DX650 is available. It is also powered by Android, giving you the ability to extend Android and cellphone apps to your desk phone. I personally use this phone. The android features allow you to have full integration with your calendar and contacts in a similar way to the way I currently use my Samsung Android cell phone. Although I might not ever answer or read email on the desk phone, having android integration is the first step in integrating with corporate designed apps which can work across the entire salesforce.

Do you want to go larger screen? Besides the standard SX10 and SX20 video conferencing units that can be paired with any size screen, Cisco has the DX70 and DX80 which offer desktop size monitor solutions, touch screen integration and Android OS systems. The DX70 and 80 offer two desk phones that can act as an employee’s office pc, video device and phone, if combined with corporate applications like Citrix or Terminal Server. Truly, this is groundbreaking and impressive, showing how the phone can now easily displace the PC in some situations.

For a full description of all of Cisco’s endpoints check out these documents below:


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