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Imanage Splits Up with HP

iManage leadership has finally found a way to break free from Hewlett Packard. iManage contains a number of great software packages from their iManage Work (document management suite) to iManage Insight (Universal search), and they are able to extend this suite with iManage Share (web collaboration suite).

Over 1800 law firms depend on the iManage product line as their key document management line of business. iManage has bounced around from company to company over the years. Most recently Autonomy had acquired the rights to the iManage portfolio. And in the outrageous acquisition of Autonomy by HP, iManage felt the fallout.

The product portfolio is excellent. However, just like a child that has to try and sit quietly as their parents scream at each other, iManage brass either had to put up with it or jump ship. Being in that stressful environment, caused iManage to sag and not really produce much of anything while under the so-called “leadership” of HP.

However, this new buyout is exciting because many of the original leaders of iManage have returned in leadership roles. The company will have a renewed sense of autonomy (no pun intended) and will be hard at work developing the next wave of integrations and applications to extend the already great product set into a better one.

Here is the letter to the customers:

July 21

Attn Contracts Manager or Legal Department:

Re: Transition of HP’s Worksite product family to iManage Corporation

HP is pleased to announce that that we have entered into an agreement with iManage Corporation to acquire the assets of our Worksite family of software products and services. iManage has effectively acquired control of this business, effective July 21st, 2015. iManage will be authorized to sell the HP branded APA and Teleform products under a reseller agreement with HP.

iManage is a strong, global provider of innovative solutions to the legal and professional services sector through on-premise and hosted delivery models. The company has deep expertise in the application space, and excellent support and professional services capabilites. iManage is a US-based company, headquartered in Chicago, Ill, with a highly dedicated teeam of employees bringing best in class solutions to over 3,000 customers globally, including 80 of the top 100 Law Firms. As a result of this transition, you can expect to see a stronger solution set from iManage in the months and years ahead.

Your implementation of iManage solutions will continue to operate as it does today, with no changes. Your existing HP product licenses will be valid for the comparable iManage products. iManage will provide updates to their product(s) to you for no charge, as long as you have an active support contract.

Nothing will change in the way you currently request support for your Worksite environment, however support will now be delivered by the iManage support organization. When your current HP contract expires, you will renew support with iManage Corporation. You may continue to purchase expansion licenses from HP until July 21st, 2015. After that date, you may purchase licenses directly from iManage or an authorized iManage reseller.

We believe this decision represents the best outcome for you and will provide increased value to your organization.

If you have further questions, or for more information, please or send a message to


Robert Youngjohns
Senior Vice President and GM
HP Software

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